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Join us and let State Farm know that you don’t want them buying Woke books for kindergartners.

On May 23, Consumers’ Research revealed State Farm was asking agents to donate books about being transgender and non-binary for kids as young as 5 years old. Many State Farm customers understandably have questions. It is absolutely unacceptable that State Farm is pushing this type of material on kindergarteners. It is time for us to demand answers and to let State Farm know they must clean up their mess immediately. Join us and make your voice heard by signing our petition demanding State Farm take the following steps:


  1. Assign an external, third party to audit all programs targeting children and get to the bottom of this and any other breaches of trust by State Farm
  2. Determine every school, public library, and community center where the books were donated
  3. Publish the results and notify parents in the areas where books were made available to children

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